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The man behind Madden ratings

  My Personal Story & Condolence To Ralph Branca

                                      By Cornelius Hanna

     As a kid growing up in Brooklyn during the 1970’s the baseball broadcast you could recite by memory was “The Shot He ard Around The World". The Russ Hodges 1951 call went like this “ Here’s a long drive. … It’s gonna be, I believe … the Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! Bobby Thomson hits into the lower deck of the left-field stands. The Giants win the pennant, and they’re goin’ crazy! They’re goin’ crazy! I don't believe it! I don't believe it! I do not believe it!" Ralph Branca was the man who threw the pitch to Bobby Thompson.  

    Uncharacteristically he became as famous and popular as the hero. That's unusual in sports, since history seems to forget the unfortunate one's. Does anybody recall who threw the game seven walk-off home run pitch to the Pirates Bill Mazeroski in the 1960 World Series? While infamous, the burden Branca had to carry was humungous, given the burgeoning business of broadcasting baseball on television in 1951. Moreover, series ending walk off home runs to decide championships were rare.      READ MORE >


Who is the goat?

Larry Fitzgerald / Jerry Rice

Olympic Hero, Bruce Jenner

​   A petition to revoke Caitlynn Jenner's Decathalon gold medal was wrong. It's understood that Bruce Jenner had always felt like a woman, but the fact is that Caitlynn Jenner said she was living her life as a man (Bruce) in a man's body when she won the gold , which means she participated in the men's event as a man and deserves to keep the gold medal. Why must this point be argued? When witnessing Jenner's amazing accomplished in Montreal back in 1976, all I saw was,  no man was better than Bruce or Caitlynn , male or female.

   Lets focus on Jenner's soul that was speaking to him throughout his life. Jenner's physical being is of a man with the soul of a woman. Jenner gave us a beautiful display of human athletic ability to cherish forever and now opens our eyes to goodness and the beauty of the human soul.  Ironically, the Olympic logo of circles, or rings, represent wholeness, according to psychologist Karl Jung, and when joined together, continuity.

Jenner has represented it well, unconidtionally and positively, connecting us in our global journey called the human race. 

   Caitlynn is the U.S.A. greatest Olympic athlete ever & owns the gold medal to prove it.

Hello Caitlyn Jenner

Jenner made his female debut on Vanity Fair cover showcasing his Gender Transition.
See it and read it here: 

Greatest Athlete in USA History

Remembering Athlete Superstar

Bruce Jenner .Read here >

Greatest Big Game NFL        Quarterback is?

Terry Bradshaw barely makes it into the conversation of best big-game quarterback of the Super Bowl era. It seems the mainstream conversation now begins and ends with Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

Not as the greatest quarterback of  all-time, mind you, but certainly as the greatest big-game quarterback.

​Here's why? (click below)

​(Story Credit-Triblive, By Joe Starkey)

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                 Derek Jeter

        Best Ever?

Is Jeter the best shortstop ever to play the game based off 4 categories?  Stats, Regular season, Post-season, Ambassador.

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Taking a look back

College Bowl 

  GGG Legacy remains to be open

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Refugees competed in Olympics

Why would Larry Fitzgerald be the GOAT over Jerry Rice? I’m breaking it down for you to decide.

​Larry Fitzgerald's great career has done so much on Arizona Cardinals teams that has just five winning seasons with few  8-8 Maybe even more impressively, he has done it with a bevy of terrible, bad, average, good and a couple of great quarterbacks.

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Dictatorship terrorists discover and capture a U.S. brain computer to control the world.

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Uncovering David Ortiz

His final season rises serious questions

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