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   Giants' Hyperbaric Jennings

The 30-year-old New York Giants star naps in Hyperbaric Chamber for at least an hour daily. Though he also has a Tempur-Pedic mattress, he’ll sleep in the chamber overnight if his gridiron-battered body needs a little extra care. He spends anywhere from seven to 20 hours a week in it, which is affectionately nicknamed “the coffin” by his mother.

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NFL, Larry Fitzgerald, GOAT, Jerry Rice, Wide Receivers, 49ers, Cardinals,

                   "The GOAT"

Why would Larry Fitzgerald be the GOAT over Jerry Rice? I’m breaking it down for you to decide.

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The NFL officially filed its appeal of Judge Richard M. Berman's decision in federal court on Sept. 3 that vacated New England Patriotsquarterback Tom Brady's four-game suspension.

The NFL argued that the process was fair. Here is the introduction of the league's filing on Monday: 

"Stripped of its celebrity, this case involves a straightforward exercise of authority expressly granted under a collective bargaining agreement ("CBA") and shielded from collateral attack by decades of precedent concerning labor arbitrations. The National Football League's collective bargaining agreement with the NFL Players Association affords the NFL Commissioner broad authority to impose discipline for conduct "detrimental to the integrity of, or public confidence in, the game of professional football." Exercising that authority, which mirrors the broad discretion given to commissioners in other sports to ensure the integrity of the game, the Commissioner suspended Tom Brady, quarterback on the New England Patriots, for four games after finding that Brady had participated in a scheme to deflate game balls to be used in a conference championship game. The scheme was aimed at gaining and unfair competitive advantage on the field, and it was devised to avoid detection by game officials. It struck at the heart of the game's integrity and the public's confidence in the NFL's on-field product. The Commissioner's conduct detrimental authority exists for incidents just like this."

While there's one laughable line — "after finding that Brady had participated in a scheme to deflate game balls to be used in a conference championship game" when the NFL never came anywhere close to finding that Brady participated in "a scheme" — it's obvious why the NFL would appeal even though it's not good for the sport and they've already suffered plenty of embarrassment. It would appear the NFL doesn't want commissioner Roger Goodell's authority questioned, and not fighting the vacation of Brady's suspension would invite others to pick holes in an unfair process. Here's another key portion of the introduction that makes the intention of the appeal clear:

"Not every evidentiary or procedural ruling went in Brady’s favor, but the CBA gives the Commissioner the authority to make those determinations and he reasonably resolved every contested issue. The Commissioner’s ultimate determination was elaborately reasoned and thoroughly grounded in the CBA."

Questions remains,  how Brady won an appeal if his team accepted it's guilt, team officials fired for deflating the balls and Brady never admitting he had direct involvement with the deflated balls?

​According to Pro Football Talk’s source, a small group of owners had been pushed 

 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell  to keep the penalty as is.

​NFL Executive Vice President Troy Vincent cited the club's prior record, specifically videotaping signals of opposing defensive coaches, as a "strong consideration" in determining the severity of the punishment. Vincent also said another important consideration was level of cooperation with the investigation and the league came down hard on two things -- the club not making Jim McNally available for an additional interview and Brady not producing any emails or text messages.

The appeal concludes that Goodell acted "well within the bounds of discretion expressly granted by the CBA" and that Berman's decision "cannot stand."  

San Diego announces $1.1 billion stadium plans. Also, Chargers and make changes in their front office. This clearly strengthens the Chargers position to remain in San Diego. 

​Meanwhile, San Diego Chargers Chairman of the Board Dean Spanos seriously moved the team to Los Angeles or will they come back to San Diego. The recently announced 2 that  A.G. Spanos has been named President - Business Operations and John Spanos has assumed the role of President - Football Operations.

This stems from the recent news on a new football stadium being built in Los Angeles has spurred the
San Diego Chargers and its city on their stadium issues that is clearly old and outdated.

Meeting with San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer's nine-member stadium advisory group for the first time, representatives of the San Diego Chargers provided a blunt assessment on the city's effort to build a new NFL stadium that would keep the team in San Diego -- come strong or stay home.

Chargers president Dean Spanos is still keeping close tabs on the proposal to build a stadium in Inglewood/Carson, Ca. by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. 

​San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer has addressed the stadium issue in his state of the city address.

     Another  STEELERS 

   Dynasty said good-bye

   another may be on its way

   Only 3 remain from the Big Ben era of Super Bowls. Only linebackers Lawerence Timmons , James Harrison and quarterback Ben Rothlisberger.

   Saying good-bye is never easy. Steelers legend tight end Heath Miller retirement marked another reflection on how great the era he played in Pittsburgh for latest dynasty of the Super Steelers.

Of  the 3 significant names that remain on the roster from the Bill Cowher era. the foundation of great talent has been developing the past few seasons.  The young talented names  on offense have become the core behind Big Ben have emerged as the league's best offense (Antonio Brown, Le'Veon Bell, Martavis Bryant,  David Castro, Maurkice Pouncey). On defense, the new version of the Steel Curtain has been transforming and increasingly improving. The eye test tells us they're on the rise back to the top behind their mentor veterans.

Big Ben is expected to be in a Steelers uniform for the next 5 years. 
Here's what  former linebacker James Harrison said, "The Steelers are a young team that will get better as guys learn to be professionals, learn to be Steelers and figure out what it takes to be a Steeler and not just play for the Steelers,”

​The  draft hs gone well for the Steelersby recently going fter secondary help especially with

Artie Burns (CB) and  Sean Davis (S). 2018 draft looks to be even more promising.

Burns didn’t just excel for Steelers but starts, former Miami hurricane's excelled on the football field, but also on the track where he excelled in the 110 meter hurdles. At 6-foot and 193 pounds and with a combine time of 4.46 in the 40-yard dash, Burns has the height, weight and speed to contend with the big receivers he’ll see in the NFL. The term “good-sized athlete” applies, and he has the potential for growth physically as he grows his game.

As for Davis, he played cornerback  at Maryland but started at safety the previous two seasons. The Steelers will play him at strong safety initially but anticipate Davis being able to eventually handle both safety positions and play at cornerback if the need arises.

Bolstering the future Curtain, the team added (NT) Javon Hargrave. One of the things they love about Hargrave is his ability to be an every down player, giving them better rotation on the line and allowing guys like Cam Heyward and Stephon Tuitt to have a breather.

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Staff writer-Sam Brennan
Seattle 2016 Shaky OLine 

 Seattle Seahawks already new bolstering its offensive line in the off-season was a top priority. Since it's 2016 NFC West  Division Champs some how found a way to make it back into the post-season once but failed in 2017.

 Russell Wilson was always under pressure. and scrambling extending plays outside the pocket and on the run. The offensive line was among the league's worst for allowing sacks.

Losing two key pieces to the offensive line is definitely no help for the Seahawks. Once Seattle traded 2-time pro bowl Center Max Unger and lost guard James Carpenter to free agenc this hve been down hill.  Unger and Carpenter helped the Seahawks'  to be twelfth in the league in sacks allowed in 2014 with 42 sacks conceded.

If Russell Wilson gets more time, they could be much more successful in 2018.

If the Seahawks want to make another playoff run and beyond, the offensive line has to be fixed.

Are Jets Looking For That Pilot?
     Joe Namath is forever the legend of Super Bowl memories. His Super Bowl III guarantee victory for the N.Y. Jets reminds us that anything is possible. Unfortunately for the Jets and their fans, finding a quarterback to match Namath's accomplishment has not happened. This year did not look promising with Ryan Fitzpatrick and injured Geno Smith. But Fitzpatrick has performed well and clearly best the Jets have see in a few years. It's a strong possibility the Jets can reach the playoffs and AFC Championship game with it's strong defense and running game. 

     Let's take a look back at the near misses and yet successful post-season Jets quarterbacks.  Richard Todd came close. They use to say in the old days at Shea Stadium, "Todd is God". He nearly brought them to a Super Bowl but a rain soaked Orange Bowl in Miami washed away those dreams. 

     Then it was "Yo" Vinny Testaverde who had the Jets in another AFC Championship where they lost to the Broncos. 

     Oh! There's Mark Sanchez, who is the only Jets QB to lead his team to 2 Conference 

Championship games. But like the previous signal-callers, lost again. This time to the Colts and Steelers. 

     Finally, you have to credit Ken O'Brien in the late 1980's for getting the Jets into the playoffs and Chad Pennington in the early 2000's. O'Brien will also be forever known as the QB who was selected by New York instead of hall of famer Dan Marino. O'Brien had a nice career, but things would be a lot different for the Jets if it was "Dan the Man". In all fairness, other teams passed-up Marino in the draft. Including Marino's hometown team, Pittsburgh Steelers.

     Coming out of college, Pennington seemed to be on a fast track to match Namath. He led his team into the playoffs before injuries derailed his Jets career.

     Fitzpatrick can make big plays and manage a game well. A Super Bowl would be a reach, but any given Sunday the underdog can win. Ask Joe Namath.

   To read more about this year's 
   Jets quarterback  situation,
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Why Xtra-Pt. Moved Back

The owners approved the competition committee's proposal to snap the ball from the 15-yard line on PATs to make them more challenging. In recent seasons, kickers made more than 99 percent of the kicks with the ball snapped from the 2.

That proposal places the 2-point conversion at the 2, and allows the defense to return a turnover to the other end zone for the two points, similar to the college rule.

​NFL vice president of officiating Dean Blandino said teams could change their attempt decision if a penalty occurred. For instance if a team chose to go for two points and were called for an offensive penalty they could then decide to kick a 1-point try. 

This season, NFL teams are indeed incentivized to attempt more than a handful of two-point conversions. 

Chargers $1.1 Billion Plan

In case you didn't know.

NFL owners voted to suspend the league's local TV blackout policy for the 2015 season.

The blackouts will be suspended for preseason and regular-season games. The league expects to evaluate the move after the season.

Games are routinely not shown in local markets if the local team does not sell a specified number of tickets.